Legumes & pulses

  • Examples: beans (for example kidney, black, edamame) chickpeas,
  • Aim for 3-4 serves each week

1 serve = 1 cup (or 150g) of cooked dried beans, chickpeas, split peas
or lentils OR 170g tofu.

1 small tin of Baked beans  1 small tub of hummus Add kidney or cannellini beans to soup 1 cup of bean salad


• Aim for 3-4 serves each week
• Try to include oily fish 1-2 times a week – salmon, tuna, barramundi
• One small tin of tuna with olive oil will = 1 serve of fish and 1 serve of
olive oil

1 serve =

100-150g fish Palm sized  Small tinned fish (in olive oil if possible)  200g shellfish 1 cup cooked


Other Proteins:

Eggs – up to 6 eggs each week


• Choose mainly white meats (chicken, turkey)
• Limit red meat to 1-2 serves each week

1 serve = size of your palm or 100-150g


• Restricting some foods just makes you want them more
• It is important to include a small amount of ‘treat’ food in your diet just
for your eating pleasure
• Try to include homemade treats
• Include 2-3 serves of ‘extra’ foods each week

1 serve =

1 small chocolate bar 2 small biscuits Homemade is best  1 snack sized pack of chips