What are the benefits of signing up?

The i-REBOUND website has been designed in partnership with stroke survivors and stroke recovery experts.

The aim of the website is help people move more and eat well after stroke.

Signing up is a great way to get the most out of i-rebound as it makes your experience a lot more personal.

The two major benefits of signing up are

  • Save your favourite recipes, exercises and hints and hacks

  • Comment on recipes, exercises and hints and hacks

Signing up also gets you access to the features on EnableMe which is a free online resource that brings together stroke information, videos, tools and conversation with other survivors and carers.

So by signing up you will also have access to 

  • Forums and blogs to share experiences about recovery or life after stroke

  • Health professionals of whom you can ask questions

  • Set and keep track of recovery goals

  • Accessibility settings to personalise the site so it is easier to view


How do i register?

  1. Once you select the register button below, a new window will open that will take you to the EnableMe website. 

  2. Once you have completed the registration come back to i-Rebound and hit the refresh button. You will now be logged into i-Rebound.

See here to find out more on how to use i-Rebound.