How do i navigate the site?

i-Rebound has three sections. Eat Well, Move More and Hints and Hacks .

Eat well has over 20 recipes. Each recipe has a list of ingredients and steps.

Each step has an image so it is easy to follow.

Move More has over 30 exercises.

Each exercise has a video led by an experienced neurological physiotherapist.

To play a video click on the red play button.

Hints and Hacks has over 100 videos and articles on healthy eating and moving more after stroke.

To get back to the homepage, click on the EnableMe logo in the top left.

The best way to learn the site is to explore and click on items that interest you.

How do i use the filters?

Filters are a way of finding the items important to you.

Filters are found on the Eat Well, Move More and Hints and Hacks pages.

Use them to sort the items you are interested. For example, if you want to see breakfast options, select Breakfast.

On this site we use add filters. 

This means if you choose more than one filter, you will see both options. For example, if you choose Lunch and Sides, you will see all Lunches and all sides.

How do i sign up?

If you have an EnableMe account you can use this to sign in.

To sign up to i-Rebound click on the sign up button.

You will be taken to the page explaining the benefits of signing up.

You only need to sign up if you wish to save items to your profile or comment on recipes, exercises or hints and hacks.

When you select the sign up button you will be taken to EnableMe in a new browser window.

Complete the EnableMe signup.

Once you have finished go back to the browser window that has i-Rebound.

Hit the refresh button on your browser or hold down the [Control] and [F5] button.

You will see that you are now signed into i-Rebound.

How do i log in when i already have an account?

If you already have an account on EnableMe you can sign in by selecting the Log in button in the top right of site.

This will pop up a box where you can enter your email address and password.

Once you have filled this in, select Log in.

If you are not sure if you are logged in, look in the top right of the screen.

If you see your name, you are logged in.

If you cannot remember your password, select I forgot my password.

How do i find the exercise tracking sheet?

i-Rebound has an exercise tracking sheet so you can track your activity.

You can access from the link above.

You can also find the exercise tracking sheet in the Move More section and on exercise pages.

How do i find the menu planner/shopping lists?

i-Rebound has a menu planner and shopping list so you can organise your meals.

You can access from the link above.

You can also find the menu planner and shopping list in the Eat Well section.

Where do i find exercise safety instructions?

i-Rebound has an exercise safety instruction so you can learn when you should not exercise.

You can access from the link above.

You can also find the exercise safety instructions in the Move More section.